David Gest Quotes

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  • I would give it all back to have my health.
  • If you’re a man, you don’t have to worry about your manliness.
  • I was naive enough to think that I could make the difference.
  • It would have been a wonderful thing to create a child, to have someone to carry on my name.
  • I have always, truly, hated my looks. That is why I had so much cosmetic surgery. How foolish was that. Look at how I ended up.
  • I don’t look at celebrity the way others look at it. I’m down to earth. People come up to me in the streets in York and I talk with everybody. I don’t believe there’s really a difference between any of us. We all pull down our pants to go to the bathroom.



David Bowie Quotes


  • I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.
  • I’m just an individual who doesn’t feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I’m working for me.
  • I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.
  • I’m proud of what I’ve done. In fact it’s been a good ride.
  • What I do is I write mainly about very personal and rather lonely feelings and I explore them in a different way each time.
  • What I like my music to do to me is awaken the ghosts inside of me. Not the demons, you understand, but the ghosts.
  • Confront a corpse at least once. The absolute absence of life is the most disturbing and challenging confrontation you will ever have.
  • The years really do speed by. Life really is as short as they tell you it is.


The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Quotes


  • Shh, shh, shh, shh. This sound is the opposite of your voice and I so enjoy it.
  • No matter how much I missed you or how much pain I was in, I would never have erased everything we ever had. Even if I was drowning in grief, I’d rather hang onto every moment I held you or every laugh that I heard, or every shed of happiness that we ever had. I would rather spend every moment in agony than erase the memory of you!
  • You’re a beautiful, strong woman, a gorgeous friend and a bright light in a sea of dark.
  • I’ve had so much fantasy in my life, Elena. Enough for 100 lifetimes. I’d give it all up for one life with you.
  • I can take it for us, okay? Because even if it doesn’t work, even if it all goes to hell, even if I’m miserable and alone, the smallest chance at the perfect life with you is infinitely better than an immortal one without you, and I know this, Elena. I love you and I will love you until I take my last breath on this earth.


  • As much as I like to think that I am full of wisdom, I think it’s time to stop pretending that I actually know what’s best.
  • You want to talk about resentment? My wife ran away because she would rather be a vampire than be married to me. Come to find out it was Damon who turned her and then she died. And then Jenna, she died. And then I died. And then the guy who killed my wife died and I actually kinda miss him. And now I can’t even talk to a girl without fantasizing about tearing into her neck. I mean, Jeremy, I have resentment FOR YEARS! FOR YEARS! I get it, but we find a way to keep going because that’s what we do.


  • You had Alaric to compel you to forget every good thing Damon ever did. You made him a monster in your own mind because you couldn’t handle the grief of losing him.
  • I’m not doing so great without you. I keep trying to start over but I can’t get anywhere because I’m lost, brother. I’m lost.
  • It’s never too late. That’s the upside of eternity. You’ll be my mother for the next century and the one after that and the one after that. And one day, maybe not soon, but one day, you’ll see me as your son.
  • You never knew Damon as a human. He was aimless, always searching for something more, sweet and earnest to a fault, but never strong. That came later, when he found himself, when he truly became Damon. He loves being a vampire and I just don’t think he’ll ever give that up.
  • You’re a control freak who’s lost control. I feel the same way when I’m around you. That’s what falling for somebody is. It’s being vulnerable. It’s giving up control.
  • I don’t think Elena necessarily came into my life to be my soulmate. I mean, she was. We loved each other, but she was also the only person I’ve ever met who actually believed that my brother was worth loving and she reminded me that I used to believe that about him too. And her faith in him, it brought Damon and me back together. And yeah I… I loved her more than I ever thought I could love somebody else. But I think, in the end I needed him more than I needed her.
  • You were by my side when I needed a friend. You made me laugh. You made me dance. You told me that I would find love again… And, I understand if I have to wait for you, and I will. I’ll wait. And when you’re ready for me, I will be ready for you.


  • You win some, you lose some. Except for me – I always win.
  • When your family decides that you’re nothing but an irredeemable piece of trash, well… I guess the best thing to do is prove them right.
  • You know what’s funny? I didn’t even know werewolves were real until I got bit by one.


  • If you think Kai is doing this out of the goodness of his heart , I can assure you – he doesn’t have one.
  • Stay away from me. This is gross. We haven’t been dating long enough for you to see gross.
  • I have food poisoning. Did the sound of me vomiting not clue you in?
  • Love’s always gonna require a huge leap of faith. A big, scary leap over a hot pit of lava. And, you might end up heartbroken, but you might be the happiest person on the face of the earth.


  • The night I died, Matt was driving me back to him (Stefan) and yet I found my way back to you. Damon, I somehow always find my way back to you. It doesn’t matter If I have memories or not. It doesn’t matter if I’m a vampire or not.
  • You’re gonna think that the pain will never end, but it will. But first, you have to let it all in. You can’t fight it. It’s bigger than you. You have to let yourself drown in it. But then eventually you’ll start to swim and every single breath that you fight for will make you stronger. And I promise that you will beat it.


  • Don’t go blabbing details of our little arrangement around the party. Your tongue functions much better inside your mouth.


  • Look, I’m immortal and you’re not. And I always knew that I would lose you one day, but I am not ready to lose you now. You’re supposed to be here for my college graduation; we’re supposed to argue about flower arrangements for my wedding. We’re supposed to have years and years worth of birthday dinners and Christmases and white water rafting trips. I want all of that. I want you to live for me. And I know that that’s selfish, but that’s the truth.
  • See that little vein in his forehead? I used to think it was so sexy, but now I’m pretty sure it’s just all the blood leaving his brain.

Paul Walker Quotes

  • All that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.
  • There’s more to life than movies.
  • It’s about doing work I can be proud of.
  • I’m into being a dad, that’s where my focus is most of the time. I’m an actor – that’s my job, but it’s not my life.
  • I’m not the kind of guy who’s taking advantage of my position.
  • When you put good will out there, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.
  • We all compromise ourselves from time to time, because maybe it will lead to more opportunity… All of that’s cool, but we forget and we get caught up.

Lil’ Chris aka Chris Hardman

  • Depression really sucks. Learning how to notice it can save lives and your own feelings at times. Take time to understand it for everybody.
  • I’ve always wanted to be a rock star; somebody instead of nobody, to show the bullies i’ll come out top.
  • The last few years have been very hard for me. I’ve hurt people, done and said things I’m not proud of. I’ve got help. I’m sorry and thank you.
  • When I’m gone I hope my future relatives look me up on the internet and like my music.
  • Everybody deserves to do what they love.
  • I’d rather be a loser to you and a hero to myself, then a hero to you and a loser to myself.

Martin Luther King Quotes

  • Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
  • Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
  • The time is always right to do what is right.
  • The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
  • We may have all come on different ships, but we’re on the same boat now.
  • The ultimate cruelty is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people.
  • There can be no disappointment where there is not deep love.
  • The quality, not the longevity of ones life is what is important.
  • That old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everyone blind.
  • If physical death is the price that I must pay to free my white brothers and sisters from permanent death of the spirit, then nothing can be more redemptive.
  • Means we use, must be as pure as the ends we seek.
  • A riot is the language of the unheard.
  • If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.
  • Only in the darkness can you see the stars.
  • No one really knows why they’re alive until they know what they’d die for.
  • There comes a time when silence is betrayal.
  • No person has the right to rain on your dreams.

Michael Jackson Quotes

  • Don’t judge a person, do not pass judgement unless you have talked to them one on one. I don’t care what the story is, do not judge them, because it is a lie.
  • If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.
  • Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts and only asks to be loved.
  • I don’t understand why the press is so interested in speculating about my appearance anyway. What does my face have to do with my music or my dancing?
  • Yeah, Wacko Jacko, where did that come from? Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me. It’s not nice.
  • Why can’t you share your bed with someone? The most loving thing to do is share your bed with someone.
  • I have never and would never harm a child. It sickens me that people have written untrue things about me.
  • Everyone who knows me will know the truth, which is that my children come first in my life and that I would never harm any child.