True Blood Season 5 Quotes

Jason Stackhouse:

“That was, without a doubt, the nicest I love you I’ve ever gotten from anybody, male, female or otherwise. Second, I forgive you for acting all murderous and what not, but I gotta be honest with you, Rev. This dog don’t bark that way.”


“My dead heart beats for you; the least you can do is try.”

“Humans are not rational, they are 100% motivated by fear. All they want is to feel safe, to know that they are good and right and they’re gonna end up in heaven, full of puffy clouds, with everybody they’ve ever loved wearing angel wings.”

Bill Compton:

“I am lost, I don’t know who to trust. Everything I believed in has been turned upside down.”


“It must be peaceful to be so sure of something, no room for doubt or remorse.”


“Believing in something other than yourself doesn’t make you weak, Eric. Even the tallest tree knows its existence depends on the soil between it’s roots and the sun and the rain upon it’s branches.”












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